Aviation photography is my biggest passion

I've been shooting air-to-air images for many years and have developed a reputation for being one of the leading photographers in this area. I spent most of my youth going to airshows and wielding a camera, so to now do this as part of my job is rather cool! If you are looking for air-to-air images of your own aircraft, or are looking for a proven photographer to capture images for publication, then please give me a call. 

Due to the nature of air-to-air photography, it is essential that the pilot of the subject aircraft is current in formation flying and has the ability to follow a brief. A QFI or DA standard is recommended for piloting on an air-to-air sortie. A full ground briefing is given for all air-to-air sorties, where safety remains the most important factor. I'm able to provide a thorough brief that leaves all parties fully aware of what is planned.

I'm fortunate to have a range of equipment that I use for my air-to-air work including a full safety harness, secured headgear, specialist camera attachments and a Gyro stabiliser. This allows me to tackle a range of challenges. I'm able to arrange a photo camera ship if required for air-to-air work, but If you have your own camera aircraft available, that can be an advantage (although I will need to check out your pilot). 

In addition to the air-to-air services, I also cover a multitude of other aviation images. My skills at photographing from the ground are, I'm told, as impressive as from the air. I like to think that I add my own distinctive style to aviation images, with creativity playing a role in delivering unique images. This applies to static, moving or flying aircraft, where my knowledge of the camera enables me to quickly adapt settings to achieve the best results. This includes the ability to add motion and a sense of action to my images, using creative slow shutter speeds and accurate camera panning.

It's not only aircraft in the open that I'm happy to capture. Restorations, people and museum work are all within my range of creativity. I'm lucky enough to have had my work widely published in the aviation press, publications and calendars from the USA to Europe and the Southern Hemisphere. In addition to my photography skills, I'm also able to produce complete features with researched text to accompany my images.