Need some photography to promote your business?

I must be one of the few photographers that loves doing commercial work, as it can be a real challenge to make a business stand out with great images. If you are using images in any form to show what your business is about, it's so important to make sure they look clean, sharp and have a wow factor. Commercial images are not the same as domestic photography, as the demands are much higher and the attention to detail is a whole different level. Businesses are using images across so many medium nowadays, from social media to websites and of course advertising. Having spent a long time working for a multi-national retailer and then working in the publishing world, I have the ability to shoot images with an editorial slant, so that the image tells a story. It can be anything from putting a lifestyle product  shot into the right context or shooting a business portrait that tells your clients that you're a nice company to do business with. My commercial photography clients include English Heritage, The Shuttleworth Trust, Sue Ryder, The Imperial War Museum & many more, who use my services on a regular basis.

What are my commercial rates?

My commercial rates are kept nice and simple:

The first hour of any work is charged at £150

Each additional hour is charged at £75, providing it's part of the same brief.

Additional time is added to any work that requires significant post production (editing), such as 'cutting out' for product shots.

The invoiced price will include time taken for travel to and from a location that is beyond ten miles from Biggleswade. I am more than happy to agree a single price up front for any briefed job.

All prices are inclusive, as I am not VAT registered.


What type of commercial work do I offer?

This list is not definitive, but to gives you an idea:

  • Product & food photography of individual items or groups of products, which can be shot in my home studio or at your location
  • Interior rooms and external building photography of businesses' premises 
  • Business portraits, team/group images and business lifestyle images of the people & clients involved in your business
  • Outdoor events such as corporate days & indoor events such as awards evenings
  • Photography led design of adverts and leaflets
  • Photography training to enhance your in-house skills so your team can capture more useful images