Boudoir Photography Sessions

A boudoir session is not recommended for anyone who's not confident in front of the camera, as they are all about being a bit more revealing.  I can shoot these sessions for male or female clients, or you can also consider a shoot as a couple, which works really well. A boudoir image need not mean that you have to take any of your clothes off, as there are many ways to make someone look sexy with the right outfit and lighting. It helps a great deal if you are willing to be a bit daring and something like implied topless where nothing is revealed or some sexy clothing can be great fun. A lot of my boudoir clients like to do these sessions as presents for their partners, and the images work really well when put into a personal book, or a canvas for the bedroom wall. A boudoir session lasts longer than a normal photo session as I will tend to shoot a variety of different outfits and image styles. Prices can start from just £100 for a basic shoot with a set of mounted prints, but I will compile discounted packages which include products like books and canvases for you if required. My most popular package costs £300 and includes a fantastic 'Superior' 10 page 20x20cm photo book, with 2mm lay-flat pages - perfect for partners as a very personal wedding gift. See my image gallery for some sample boudoir images to give you an idea of what you could do, and then give me a call to discuss what you fancy trying. 

Model Portfolio shoots

You need not be an aspiring model to book a portfolio photo session, as they are perfect for anyone who wants to get a wide range of images in different styles. All portfolio sessions include a number of digital files on a USB drive, which is why they are priced differently from a normal portrait session.  You can of course choose something like a portfolio book, which is a great way to have a wide range of images in one handy viewing medium. My portfolio sessions start at £150 for 10 fully edited files, which includes two/three different styles of images (you would bring different outfits, and I would shoot each against a different background, and use different lighting styles). My most popular deal at £350 includes 35 digital images on a USB drive, that comes in a lovely presentation folder - perfect for a full portfolio. I can create bespoke deals for specific portfolio needs, so please contact me for more information. I'm happy to shoot portfolios for any age group from children through to adults. Clearly, the range of images will be kept age appropriate and anyone under the age of 18 will be required to bring an adult chaperone with them. See my gallery for lots of sample images from various portfolio work I have done. You will note that not all portfolio work needs to be studio based, as it can quite often be good to do both studio and outdoor 'lifestyle' types of images. 

Digital file portfolio package options

As most portfolio's require digital files that can be sent to agencies, we have a special range of packages for this type of sessions:

10 fully edited digital files £150. Additional images can be added at £15 per file.

20 fully edited digital files £275. Additional images can be added at £14 per file.

The above Image packages are supplied as digital download files, so you access the images and save them to your computer. 

35 fully edited digital files £350. Additional images can be added at £12 per file

All the fully edited digital files taken during the session £475

These two packages are supplied on a USB drive in a professional printed photo cover case.