Lets talk about wedding photography services

Choosing your wedding photographer is not an easy task, so it's therefore important to understand what you're getting for your money, and you can't judge that from just a gallery of my best images. I'm not the cheapest wedding photographer, but that's no different to your venue or wedding dress being more expensive if you're looking for something that adds the wow factor to your wedding. The photography of your wedding is a record of a very special day, and my job is to make sure you get to see all the things you both miss on the day itself. Because it's important for you to see a full set of images from actual weddings, I am able to give any client who makes an enquiry, access to a couple of full galleries. This helps you to see the range of images I capture, and means you see a real wedding, rather than just my best images in the wedding gallery.

I sometimes bring my lovely assistant to help me capture weddings, as she's a great photographer in her own right, and can be shooting additional candid images whilst I'm busy elsewhere. This will depend upon the day and location of the wedding. The packages listed here are a guide to the most common selections, but I can build a bespoke package around you. My packages all include some form of printed book or album, as it's really important to have a physical product for your wedding images, rather than just an impersonal set of digital files. These books and albums are all top quality products, using the best paper and proper bound spines. Each page is hand designed by me, and the album includes as many images as I can practically fit in with the page count. You can add a USB stick of digital files to any package, and all my weddings include an on-line gallery with print ordering facilities, where you and your friends can view the images.

Premium package £2500 plus travel

My premium wedding package is a really special deal, as it contains a great mix of high quality professional products. My assistant and I will cover the bride's pre-wedding preparation at home/hotel, getting those once in a lifetime shots of the bridesmaids, family and friends helping get you ready. We then cover the arrival of the bride and groom at the venue, the service, wedding breakfast and then the evening up to 9pm. In this top end package you then get a stunning 50 page 300x300mm printed album (pictured left).  There's loads of space to create stunning page designs with the use of big pictures. Each hand designed page is printed on 2mm thick photo quality pages, that lay perfectly flat and can be wiped clean. Your package also includes an on-line gallery and a USB drive in a presentation case, that contains all the images from both your wedding day and the pre shoot as detailed below. 

A fun pre-wedding portrait photo session is part of this premium package, and you'll get four mounted 5x7in prints, along with the digital files from this session that will be added along with the wedding images on the USB drive.

Standard wedding package £2000 plus travel

This is by far my most popular package (example products pictured left), as it gives you a great photo album, plenty of coverage on the day, and you get to have a fun pre-shoot before your wedding. In the standard package, my assistant and I are with the bride in the morning before the wedding, capturing those special preparation moments at your home or hotel. We then move off to the venue to catch up with the groom before the bride's arrival, and we are then with you for the service, wedding breakfast and evening up to 9pm.

Included in the standard package is a fantastic 20 page Superior photo album with lovely 2mm thick 'lay-flat' pages. Each page of your album will be designed individually to include as many images as you wish and I ensure your favourites get prime positions. You'll also get an on-line gallery that will be set up for your friends and relatives to view the images, and order prints if they so wish. A USB stick containing all the images from your wedding day can be added for just £150 extra, and we'll even add the pre-shoot (see below) images to this. In addition to the wedding day coverage and subsequent album, I also arrange a pre-wedding portrait photo shoot for you with 2x mounted 5x7in prints. This gives us a chance to have some fun, and get you used to having your pictures taken by me. You're free to buy additional prints from the pre-shoot if the two mounted 5x7's you get included, are not enough.

Basic package £1650 plus travel (only available for afternoon ceremonies) 

My basic wedding package is perfect for couples who don't wish to have the pre wedding images (although I think they are the best images from a wedding, and would encourage you to consider the standard package that includes this). Coverage includes the bride and groom's arrival at ceremony venue through to evening (up to 8pm to cover first dance).

This package includes a lovely 20 page book, with photo paper pages and a photo or linen cover. Each page of the book is designed individually by my own fair hand to include as many images as you wish (providing they fit sensibly within the 20 pages of course). You also get an on-line gallery for friends and family to view and order images. If you so wish, we can add a USB stick containing all the fully edited images in a presentation case to your package for an extra £150.