Need some help with your camera or photography technique?

If you do, then I've just the thing for you! I've been teaching people photography for many years, which is a skill I learnt when I worked on Which Digital Camera and Practical Photography magazines. My courses suit everyone from complete novices, through to experienced enthusiasts, as there's a range of options. The only thing you really need is a camera with manual control and I advise you at least have a DSLR or CSC (that's the ones with removable lenses).

The majority of my courses are run one-to-one, but I do also partner up with some big organisations to offer group courses on specific subjects. You'll find out more about both the one-to-one and group options in the text below, but in summary; I offer a range of different training courses/workshops for entry-level users through to the more advanced enthusiasts.

One-to-one training

All my in-house workshops are run on a one-to-one basis, as this enables me to create bespoke courses to a level that suits each student. I find that the courses work far better this way, as you get to learn a great deal more than you would in a group environment, because you dictate your own pace and won't be afraid to ask lots of questions. I offer my one-to-one courses on any  week day where I have a space in my diary (Monday-Friday), and a day course runs from approx 10am through to 3pm. For most workshops, I am happy to come to you (Mileage is charged at 50p p/mile for  any journey that's further than 5 miles from Biggleswade), or you can come to me in the Biggleswade area. All studio related workshops are held at my Biggleswade home studio. If you can't see a course listed below, or have a specific training requirement - please drop me a line, as I can always create a course for your needs. 

Basic Camera Skills: £249 per person

By far my most popular workshop is the basic camera skills. It's aimed at anyone who has just bought themselves a new DSLR camera, or someone who is struggling to get to grips with the one they have had for a while (stuck on auto settings). The level of detail covered on this course is very much dictated by you. I build a bespoke workshop for you, that works on your current skill levels to help you understand the way to change the pictures you take. I will teach you what the shooting modes do, and what the numbers mean in terms of how each setting effects what you capture. You'll learn about taking pictures in low-light, preventing camera shake and a whole host of other useful techniques. I try really hard to ensure that the technical stuff is made as easy as possible, and I have lots of great ways for you to remember the key things. You'll finish the workshop as an inspired photographer, armed with the tools to help you take better images. 

Advanced Courses: From £299

My advanced courses cover a range of subjects:

Editing Skills £299 per day -  A training course for those who wish to do a bit of post production in something like Adobe Photoshop Elements or Lightroom.

Studio Portraiture from £349 per day  - This course is all about studio lighting and the skills required to pose a subject. We can arrange models for these courses if you want to try shooting something a bit more dynamic, but it pushes the price up to £599 per day. Alternatively, you can bring a confident friend, which drops the price down to £249 per day.

Family Photography course £299 per day - This is a great course for any enthusiast photographer who wants to take better outdoor pictures of the family. Bring the family with you, and walk away with great images and a lot more confidence. 

Group Courses:

I run training days for a number of local visitor attractions, which are targeted towards a variety of DSLR photographers from novice to enthusiast. These courses are not recomended for compact camera users, and that includes the ones that look like DSLR's as you cannot control these cameras in the same way as you can a DSLR. The simple way to know if you have a DSLR, is that the lenses can be removed, and you can manually set shutter speeds and apertures. There are some cameras that are similar to a DSLR, which are called Compact System Cameras. These are generally smaller products, and are partially suitable for the training days. There will however be some elements that CSC cameras cannot perform as well as a DSLR, especially for action photography. The general photography days are ideal for those who wants to discover more about a new DSLR camera, or for those who wish to escape from using auto settings. The general courses cover the basics of setting your cameras shutter speed and aperture settings, and also how to utilise things like, ISO, metering and focussing modes. The birds & beasts and airshow photography days are perfect for photographers who have a basic knowledge of their camera. They are more focussed on advanced use, and specifically around capturing action. Both the birds and airshow courses cater for a mix of skills, so if you're not that confident with your camera, there will be help on applying the camera settings. To book a place on one of these courses, you will need to visit the individual company websites for details. Please be aware that all my group photography days are limited to a maximum number of clients, to ensure you get personal attention. The exact number varies by location, but it's around 15/20 people. Book early to avoid disappointment. 

Jordans Mill (Bedfordshire) 

We have run our basic photography training day for 2018 at Jordans Mill and hope to offer more in 2019.  

Birds of Prey training workshops (Nr Bedford) from £89* per person, including lunch 

There are a variety of photo days I work on with the birds of prey centre at Herrings Green Farm near Bedford. The photo workshop is on September 12th, and costs £89 per person and are the perfect courses for anyone who is interested in bird photography or just action in general. After a bit of classroom time to explain the basics of camera operations, the morning starts with some static bird set ups where you learn some basic camera setting skills. The afternoon gets more challenging as I teach how to photograph flying birds of prey including Owls and Eagles. For each subject, you get exclusive access and I work hard to try and make the backgrounds are natural as is possible when using captive animals. The price is including entry to the site, a welcome drink, lunch and your training and can be booked here. There's also a number of other photo day opportunities at the centre such as the Premium Photo Day at £55 (September 30th) and more to come! 

Airshow photography workshops at IWM Duxford, Cambrideshire. £155* per person, including lunch

My aviation photography workshops are aimed at equipping photographers (basic and enthusiast levels), with a range of techniques to help improve their photography of aircraft. Each date will start with a bit of classroom time, where you will learn about setting aperture, shutter speed and other camera settings. You'll then get to learn how to photograph an aircraft in a museum, on an airfield and then flying in the air. This is a comprehensive workshop that suits enthusiasts with basic camera skills through to the more experienced user. There's a bit of period portraiture included during the day and a lovely buffet lunch. The 2018 dates are now available to book, and we have four different days on offer. The 7th September will have an RAF theme and include a WW2 period re-enactor along with an iconic WW2 aircraft! The 31st August will be an American themed day with WW2 fighter and a couple of period re-enacors. Find out more and book your place on the IWM Duxford event page

Battle of Britain Hurricane day - £150* per person, including lunch

These fantastic days are organised in association with both The Shuttleworth collection and Darren Harbar Photography. Unlike a normal photography training day, the idea of the Hurricane day is to provide a range of photographic opportunities, which inludes time with a period re-enactor. There's also a chance to sit in the cockpit (subject to height/weight and mobility), of this genuine Battle of Britain aircraft. The date is 23rd August, at The Shuttleworth Collection, Old Warden, Bedfordshire and are booked direct through their website. Please note that the event will only run if it acheives a minimum booking of 15 people. 

Air to Air Battle of Britain (Spitfire and Hurricane) photography workshop - £849

I've teamed up with Aero Legends to produce an all new air to air workshop where you'll get to fly alongside some classic warbirds from Headcorn Aerodrome. We have already launched the first workshop with a Spitfire (TD314) and Hurricane (P3717) which ran on 12 and 13 May 2018 - a great success! You can find out more, by visiting the Aerolegends website. Next dates are September 15th and 16th. 

*Please note that the group course prices are set by partner companies and are subject to change.