Darren Harbar Photography is my small business based in Biggleswade, covering the area surrounding the small market town. I have a lovely daughter called Tilly (who unsurprisingly features in a number of places on this website). My Photography covers a wide range of image services, including domestic portraits (outdoor), commercial photography & photography training. I'm also an internationally published aviation photographer & journalist. 

I believe that a good photographer knows how to handle a camera without having to think about it. I've been involved in the world of photography for over 20 years and started out by selling cameras over the counter with a company called Tecno, before progressing to the role of an international camera buyer for the Dixons retail business. From there, I took a change of direction and moved into photographic publishing, initially as the editor of Which Digital Camera? magazine and then as the test and technique editor on Practical Photography. My career path has resulted in me being able to offer a rather unique understanding of photography from the gear used for capture, to practical technique, editing and presentation. 

My photography has gone global, with images published across the world - gracing the covers of national magazines and calendars. I still however remain grounded (except when doing my aviation jobs), and I continue to love what I do. My clients often become my friends, and I can't help but smile when people like my work. 

I love training people how to use their cameras 

One of my clients once said that every camera club should have a Darren Harbar to teach them how to get the most out of their cameras - bless him (and no I didn't have to pay him to say that)! 

Having spent many years running reader days for the photography magazines, I really enjoy teaching people how to take pictures. My one-to-one training courses are aimed at teaching you how to use your camera in a very practical way. I start with a bit of technical talk (which at first can feel a bit daunting), but it all comes together when you start taking some pictures. Full details and prices for the one-to-one training options can be found here. I also offer a number of group training courses through a number of different organisations. You can find details of these on my blog page, facebook page and twitter feeds. 

Domestic services: prices and products

My domestic photography services start at £30. I do not charge a sitting fee, so you simply pay a £30 deposit, which comes off your total order. It's up to you what you buy, and how much you spend. I don't make you commit to buy on the spot either, as I believe you should have a chance to view the images at home, and then decide what you wish to buy. You get to see a full price list of all our products when you enquire about a booking.

I can't stand poor quality products, such as frames where the corners don't meet and books that fall apart. For this reason, I've spent a great deal of time putting together a high quality selection of products for clients to choose from. My frames are all hand-made by a local company, and he goes the extra mile to make them look amazing. My books are all high quality, with properly bound spines and photo quality paper. Even my canvases are the best quality, so that they remain as tight as a drum, and retain high image definition. These things are important to me, as I wouldn't want a customer to own anything I wouldn't buy for myself.